ZX™ Valve Seat Pocket Tools

ZX-Valve-Seat-Pocket-ToolSpecially adapted ZX Modular Boring Tools feature piloted cutter support for use in machining seat pocket areas in oil valves and other extended reach applications. Valve seat pocket machining involves boring with severe interruptions. Internal chamfers, tapers, and faces are also common, as are long reaches through relatively small bores.

ZX Valve Seat Pocket Tools have enough stroke and strength to rough-machine preclad seat pocket cavities and, using the same tool, to finish-machine the pocket in Inconel after cladding. Non-clad pockets can also be machined. Seat pocket tools are commonly used in steel, stainless steel, and Inconel. All tools feature 2:1 actuation ratio for easy programming.


  • In-bore piloting for rigid cutter support.
  • Available in single and twin-slide designs to fit industry-standard flow bore sizes. Supplemental cartridges can be supplied to increase diameter range in special applications.
  • Modular construction, in standard lengths: stub, medium, and long reach. (Non-threaded design allows for easy assembly and disassembly of modular sections.)
  • Support collet pilots with wrench sets are included on medium and long-reach tools (optional air collets are available).
  • Longest tool slide strokes available, for maximum diameter range.
  • Internal through-tool coolant is optional.
  • Fully enclosed actuation mechanism – no chip packing.
  • Internal forward hard stop and anti-torque features protect the tool in case of mishaps.
  • Modular damper units are available on smaller-bore tools to dampen vibrations.
  • Conversion kits provide ability to easily change tool for use in valves of various sizes.
  • A variety of insert cartridges are available, utilizing industry standard inserts.
Refer to The World of ZX brochure for tool specifications.