ZX™ Boring, Facing, & Contouring Systems

Cogsdill ZX SystemsCogsdill’s ZX Tooling System provides the ultimate solution in terms of productivity, flexibility, and accuracy for machining large parts that require multiple operations. The ZX system can perform a variety of precision machining operations on horizontal boring mills, including:

  • Boring
  • Facing
  • Contouring
  • Taper Boring
  • Deep Cavity Boring
  • Grooving
  • Back-spotfacing
  • Chamfering
  • Bottle Boring
The Cogsdill ZX range of Contouring and Boring tools, allow relatively simple 2-axis CNC programs to perform a variety of machining operations. Part changes can be accommodated quickly and easily with program changes.

Operations that were previously performed manually can be converted to CNC Control, thus improving productivity, accuracy, part to part repeatability and improved surface finish.

Machine Tool RequirementsHorizontal-Boring-Mill

The ZX™ system requires the use of a horizontal boring mill with a programmable inner spindle that rotates in unison with the outer spindle, or milling sleeve. The axial movement of the inner spindle is converted within the tool into radial cutting stroke for diameter control. Movement of the table, or machine column, on a parallel axis controls the axial location of the cutting edge relative to the part. In most horizontal boring mills, these two axes are referred to as “W” and “Z”.
  • Controlled inner spindle movement is converted into radial cutter movement
  • Independently controlled column or table movement parallel to spindle

Operating Principles

The ZX system is comprised of two basic styles of tools:
  • Facing / contouring heads, featuring a single slide onto which various top tooling can be installed.
  • Boring / contouring tools, used primarily in boring operations inside parts.
Regardless of head type, a proven actuation mechanism produces radial cutter movement. This sturdy design is based on the “sliding inclined wedge” principle for backlash-free operation; no sloppy gears or bell cranks are used. All parts are hardened and ground for lasting accuracy and durability.

ZX Contouring & Facing Head

The Cogsdill ZX Facing/Contouring heads offer the Greatest versatility of all from the Cogsdill ZX Tooling range. These heads have a single tool slide; onto which top tooling is mounted into qualified locating holes. This provides for repeatable set-ups.

With appropriate top tooling, these heads can perform boring, facing, taper boring, radius forming, chamfering, recessing and threading. Large parts can be machined without having to remove the work piece. Internal Coolant is optional.

ZX Valve Seat Pocket Tools

Specially adapted ZX Modular Boring Tools feature piloted cutter support for use in machining seat pocket areas in oil valves and other extended reach applications. Valve seat pocket machining involves boring with severe interruptions. Internal chamfers, tapers, and faces are also common, as are long reaches through relatively small bores.

ZX Valve Seat Pocket Tools have enough stroke and strength to rough-machine preclad seat pocket cavities and, using the same tool, to finish-machine the pocket in Inconel after cladding. Non-clad pockets can also be machined. Seat pocket tools are commonly used in steel, stainless steel, and Inconel. All tools feature 2:1 actuation ratio for easy programming.