Welcome to Cogsdill

In 1914 Stuart A. Cogsdill set up shop in Detroit as a cutting tool regrinding and repair service. He soon began designing and manufacturing special tools for early automotive pioneers such as Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers, who relied on Cogsdill to develop innovative tooling solutions for tough manufacturing problems.

Currently owned and operated by the second and third generation of Stuart Cogsdill’s descendants, Cogsdill offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder.

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“We will develop and build innovative tooling solutions for your tough manufacturing problems.”

Cogsdill Today

“Our mission is to be the global leader in the precision tooling industry. Helping customers exceed their expectations through our enviable global experience, industry-defining products and an exceptionally friendly and stellar service.”

To help achieve this aim, Cogsdill has two key operating units; one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom:

  • Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc.
    Camden, South Carolina, USA – corporate headquarters
  • Cogsdill-Nuneaton Ltd.
    Nuneaton, England – subsidiary of Cogsdill Tool Products
  • Shefcut Cam Bore
  • Elipti-Bur
  • recessing tool
  • Burr Off
  • Burnishing Double

Our Values

We deliver durable tools of distinction that continually improve that which has been accepted as good enough and set the standards of tomorrow that others seek to follow.

Be Innovative
We are committed to modular innovation and next-generation adaptable automation that will drive production efficiency across all industry sectors.

Be Adaptive
We build respectful relationships and act as a global solutions partner, harnessing our collective experience, to help our customers succeed.

Be Versatile
We always deliver beyond our clients needs and requirements and at all times assure their total and utter customer satisfaction.

Be Assured
Our product precision demands continual improvement in methods, processes, procedures, policies and service to achieve our ultimate goal of being the finishing touch.

Be Precise

Employee Promise

As a long-term family-owned company, we seek to provide a great environment for our staff to flourish, receive job satisfaction and realize personal aspirations.

  • We seek to be a fun and fair company and reward loyalty.
  • We promote a passion to succeed and set achievable goals.
  • We encourage a supportive team mentality and share rewards together.
  • We want people have pride in what they do and security – to be the best.
  • We support personal development and growth – and value your input.

Meet our US team

Cogsdill US team positional

Meet our UK team

UK Group Photo
Gordon White
Gordon WhitePresident, US
Stuart White
Stuart WhiteChairman, US
Lee Donaldson
Lee DonaldsonManaging Director, UK
Bob Fife
Bob FifeChairman, UK