Cogsdill Chamber Burnishing Tool.

The new Cogsdill Gun Chamber Burnishing Tool (CBT) offers gun and barrel makers the ability to quickly and easily obtain low micro-inch finishes in gun chambers.

The tool features a built-in force control mechanism matched to each chamber size for perfect results. Featuring adjustable depth control, the tool is very easy for anyone to set up and run the tool on virtually any spindle from drill presses to the most sophisticated CNC machines. The operator simply sets the correct chamber length and feeds the tool into the chamber (following the chamber reaming operation) until the prescribed stroke is achieved. The entire burnishing cycle takes only seconds to produce a mirror finish in one pass. This finish greatly enhances loading and spent shell ejection.

Cogsdill is currently offering the tools in 7 common handgun calibers and 7 rifle calibers. The tools and spare parts are available as standard off-the-shelf items in most cases.